I have recently purchased a new TV, it is brand new, with a computer built-in and everything one could wish for… and I am proud to say it : my Android TV sucks!

What is an Android TV?

Basically, it is a TV with Android installed inside of it. This is like having a small computer built inside your TV and running the Android OS. It allows you to run several well known applications directly on your TV thanks to your remote. you have Youtube, Netflix, Playstation Now, and much more at your fingertips.

So, why does Android TV sucks?

Redundancy. Well… First of all, most of us already use a “classic” computer, or a set top box hooked to our computers. It makes the Android TV (or the box you already have) redundant.


Sleep mode. If you are using some kind of software to keep your movies and TV show database up-to-date, it will have to notify your Kodi media center, as soon as a new item is available. However, as long as your TV is not running, it can’t be accessed by any software. Which means, it will not update your libraries automatically. You’ll have to manually update it each and every time you start Kodi.

Stability. It is not stable at all! Let’s say you watch a movies on Kodi every evening, then you’ll probably have to restart the Kodi application every night before using it. I have noticed that every time I let Kodi run “in the background’ for a few hours (because I don’t use my TV, or play console on some other input) and start it again it is unresponsive. Add to this, the fact that sometimes some Android services just crashes during a video, which means you’ll get a notification pop-up in the middle of your movie, and you must close it manually to get rid of it.

For all those reasons, Android TV sucks.

Is this really that bad?

No, of course! It actually works OK and really allows you a lot of functionalities easily : thanks to your TV remote, you can also plug in your PS4 controllers, play some games, etc.

However, if you already have a working computer and/or set-top box, then you definitely don’t need an Android TV, and you will definitely have a better experience with your actual configuration.




  1. Android is an adv machine and Kodi really really sucks. A programmer named Guido van Rossum made python in 1991 because he did not have enough experience or training to do any better. Kodi is written in python. Hell you could learn a programming language in the time it takes to get kodi running half way decently.

    • Thanks for you comment Ken, this is cool to be able to talk about code and not just Kodi. 🙂

      Kodi has its flaws like any software, and so does Python as any programming language… The thing with Kodi is (probably) that it is a pretty big piece of software running on several OS which means the code has been more or less ported to all those platforms. It is also very versatile.
      Hence many possible bugs, and annoyances for end users. But I really think that Kodi highly improved over the years and is a really good piece of software for everyday use. But as humans who made it, it is not perfect.

      PS : it seems that Kodi is mostly written in C, source : https://www.openhub.net/p/kodi 😉

  2. Don’t don’t talk down to your users. And, if you do, use correct grammar and spelling. You are doing nothing but passing yourself off as having some relationship with Kodi to get visits to your bogus site. And Jarvis won’t even load. Can you pronounce S U C K S.

  3. remark:
    1. android tv has a much longer startup time.
    2. can be infected by android virus
    3. you need to upgrade your tv more often for new cpu, new memory, new 802.11 chipset, new android release, new H.265 chipset.

  4. How is anyone happy with the GUI in these android tv boxes? This shit was literally made for touch screens.
    I’m sitting here with a keyboard, mouse, and remote and still have a hard time doing what I want to do in the interface.

  5. Each all these boxes suck… I have tried many of them and they all suck… Kodi really sucks! The quality is poor for most of the programs. When you see hd that just means 720. It takes a hour to watch some because it is so slow and constantly getting suck on stupid. Total waste of money just like the cable companies. We are being hosed to dealth.

    • Hi Chad, thanks for your comment.

      I have to agree that the first Android TV sucks, not sure about the new one. However, I’d like to clarify a few things. Kodi doesn’t provide any media, it is just a software that allows you to watch media (for example). So when you say that the quality is poor, it is not related whatsoever to Kodi but ONLY to the media source (be it to something you downloaded over the internet or something you are streaming from third party addons), which is not part of Kodi AT ALL. It is like complaining about your car because the air refresher you got separately smells bad: two separate things.
      Now about the 720p part, yes, this is how it works. A resolution of 1280×720p is 720p and is called “HD” above you have Full HD which is 1920×1080p (for example), and then WQHD, QHD, 4K, etc.
      Last but no least, Kodi is totally free, has always been and will probably always be. If you paid for it, then you got scammed and you should ask for a refund.
      I hope this helps.
      Best regards,