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Best music app

A few years ago, Music streaming was not that easy. Today its history and there are many music providers out there. We will focus on the biggest ones and do a quick overview / comparison of prices and services offered.

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You like music and feel like 2016 is the year to stream music online? Good! In this article, we’ll see what are the best music app available right now.


From a Swedish company, Spotify was one of the first in the game of music streaming.

  • Platforms : Linux / Windows / Mac via dedicated apps | IOS (iPhone), Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry | Webplayer
  • Price : USD 10  / month
  • What you get : unlimited music streaming, offline mode, high quality streaming, no ads
  • Official website : https://www.spotify.com/us/


The Microsoft Groove Music streaming, formerly know as Xbox Music and Zune Music is also a big player.

  • Platforms : Windows, Xbox | Windows Phone, Android, IOS (iPhone) | Webplayer
  • Price : USD 10 / month
  • What you get : unlimited music streaming, no ads, OneDrive synchronization of your personal music
  • Official website : https://music.microsoft.com/

Apple Music

From the guys behind the iPod and iTunes, Apple Music is also very viable music streaming solution.

  • Platforms : Windows / Mac (requires iTunes for desktop platforms) | IOS (iPhone), Android
  • Price : USD 10 / month
  • What you get : unlimited music streaming, no ads
  • Official website : https://www.apple.com/music/

Google Play Music

Google also jumped on the train of music streaming as anyone else.

  • Platforms : – | Android, IOS (iPhone) | Webplayer
  • Price : USD 10 / month
  • What you get : unlimited music streaming, no ads
  • Official website : https://play.google.com/music

And the Best Music App is…

… hard to tell. Honestly, they all offers more or less the exact same features, for the same price. So here is a few tips for your to choose one provider instead of another one.

Try it!

Almost every provider will offer a free trial period, it is the best way to test it and see if you like it or not. Try each of them for a full month, then make your choice. Until then, it is already 4 free months of music streaming.


Depending on what platforms you own, you might want to avoid some providers. For example, if you run Linux on your main computer, you might avoid Apple Music since you won’t be able to play it (easily) from your main computer.

Concurrent connections

Depending on your usage : sharing with members of your familly or not, please note that several providers offers or not the ability the share your account and listen to different music at the same time to a fixed and limited numbers of devices. You might want to pay attention to that value.


Last but not least, there are several promotions all around the year. This means it can be good to wait for a good promotion in order to save some bucks and help you make your mind on the budget side of the coin.

That’s all! Let me know if you are already streaming music, if so what do you use, and why do you do? Please also note that promo / affiliate codes are welcome in the comments.