download kodi

Find out where you can download #Kodi. However, there are several versions of  kodi / #xbmc, whatever version you choose, we suggest you always make sure to use the latest one.

Currently, there is the following versions around:

  • Regular version: the classic one you should use most of the time ;
  • DX11 version, this one is currently a test version, based on the more recent Direct X version 11 (instead of version 9 for regular Kodi) ;
  • DSPlayer version, is you want to customize TONS of video and audio settings, such as splitter, decoder, etc. Then this is the version you should use.

Please find below, the links to download those Kodi versions:

Download Kodi / XBMC from the Official website, right here ;

Download the Kodi DX11 version ;

Download the Kodi DSplayer version.

If you know about different versions, please let us know so that we can add them.