Exodus, the new Genesis is reborn

A while ago, Genesis died and its creator told the community he was working on a similar (but better) project. This new project has come to life and it’s called Exodus. Let’s see how to install it!

Install the Fusion repository

This time, we are going to install and use a new repo : Fusion from TV Addons. Follow the guide !

Go to System > File manager :


Enter the following information URL : “http://fusion.tvaddons.ag” (without the quote) and title “Fusion”, as shown in the picture below :

fusion repo

Then browse to System > Add-ons > Install from zip and select Fusion :

fusion install

Select xbmc-repos :

fusion install 2

Then “english” :

fusion install 3

Then “exodus” :

exodus install

Wait for installation success notification in bottom right corner :

exodus repo installed

That’s it, the Fusion repo is installed. Now let’s proceed to Exodus add-on installation.

Install the Exodus Kodi add-on

Go to System > Add-ons > Install from repo and select the Exodus repo :

exodus repo

From there, go to Video add-ons and select Exodus (yeah, again Exodus in exodus repo…) :

exodus install 2

Confirm install :

exodus install 3

And wait for bottom right corner notification :

exodus installed

Enjoy !

That’s it Exodus is now installed, and can be run like usual from Video > Add-ons. It looks a lot like Genesis and you should feel at home as soon as you launch it :

Welcome to Exodus