The Google Player is another set-top box like devices. In a pretty small factor case and with a remote, it  will allow you (among other things) to use in order to play your favorite media content. Let’s see what our friends at Engadget thought about it.


Google has been trying to get into the living room for a long time, but it hasn’t always worked out. The Google TV platform it launched four years ago never really took off and the curiously shaped Nexus Q was so beleaguered by its limited functions and high price that it didn’t stand a chance. Last year, however, Google finally managed to get a taste of success with the Chromecast, an inexpensive video-streaming dongle that was so simple it eschewed the need for a remote control or dedicated UI. Almost too simple, some would say — you still need another device lying around to cast content to it and the lack of a UI means it’s not quite as user-friendly as a Roku or an Apple TV.