During this short video, I’ll show you install (formerly know as ).

It is a simple 2 steps process :

  1. downloading the software ;
  2. installing it.

First, fire up your favorite browser and naivgate to kodi.tv, click on the Downloads link and select the Windows version.

Wait for download to finish.

Then, run the installer and just click “Next” until the installation is complete.


  1. Hello,
    How are you doing? Is this your video you made to show how to install Kodi? There is nothing wrong with the video but your voice is so very hard to understand … lots of growling noises. Remake it and try really hard to speak super clear.

    Your site is great!

    • Thanks Steve for the feedback.

      This was my very 1st video, and indeed I am not 100% satiified with it. However, I wanted to provide a video “asap”. I provided English recap and explanation in the post as well, so that it can be understood even without the audio.

      I’ll try to redo it, or at least to make more understandable on the next videos.