Another add-on for streaming and help you cut the cord, the name is Veetle! However, this one is a little different from other add-ons, since it is more working like a good old regular TV. Indeed, with Veetle, you can’t search for stream, biut you only have access to “what’s live”.

Install Kodi Veetle add-on

As usual, we will install this add-on thanks to SuperRepo.

Browse to Video Add-on category and scroll down to Veetle.

veetle install

Select and confirm install :

kodi veetle install

Wait for installation to complete, and check notification on bottom right corner :

kodi veetle installed

Once installed, go back to Home screen Video > Add-ons and run Veetle :

kodi veetle run

Relax and enojoy !

Enojoy your new Kodi Veetle add-on and let us know what you think about it.


  1. installed Spartan wizard and the beast wizard. Neither are working ,will not open. Why. I have downloaded it exactly as instructed still errors. Running Kodi16.0 on firestick

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      However I don’t support “wizard” type add-ons as I believe they are to “obscure” and can potentially harm your operating system by installing unwanted “dependencies”.

      Please check add-on like Exodus for an enjoyable streaming experience.