Have no remote and want to master Kodi? Find our most liked Kodi keyboard shortcuts. They will help you achieve almost everything in fraction of seconds!

kodi keyboard shortcuts

A keyboard in Kodi?

Of course, yes! I am big fan of keyboard, especially with Kodi. I always use my Kodi with my Kodi and I think the Logitech K400 is a perfect match for Kodi, I have been using for years, and I think it beats all the smart remote, by far.

Now its time to master the Kodi keyboard shortcuts.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of : “key to press” –> “action it will induce”.

Inside menus

  • c –> Open up additional menu
  • s –> shutdown menu

During playback

  • i –> Show media information, such as run time, end time, etc.
  • o –> Show media data, such as media resolution, audio and video type, etc.
  • PrintScr –> Take screenshot
  • T –> Toggle subtitles on / off
  • Left/Right arrow keys –> short jump backward/forward
  • Down/Up arrow keys –> big jump backward/forward

Those are the main kodi keyboard shortcuts I use on a daily basis, do not hesitate to add a comment if you see some missing shortcut or to check the full list.