Netflix Offline mode has been released

That’s it! You have dreamed about if, Netflix did it.

Netflix Offline Mode

Netflix offline mode released

It’s Christmas before Christmas… or not. For a paid service it’s due time Netflix offers the possibility to download content “locally”. By locally, I mean on while you are on the move and have no connection to internet, like on plane or in the tube.

Not everything is perfect

However, while it is a good new and definitely an improvement, there are still drawbacks. First of all, it only applies to mobile devices : Android and IOS phones / tablets. It is a bit that it doesn’t work on your laptop for example… but I am probably too exigent.

Really far from perfect…

Another limitation, and so far the biggest one. One Netflix is probably not prod about, since they are not stating this clearly anywhere right now. Downloads can’t be done to external storage! Yup, that’s right. The big, shiny 64Gb micro sdcard you probably bought for your anemic-storage-wise phone will NOT work! That’s a bit lame for the Netflix offline mode.