A bit off topic, but not so much, a new version of the famous OpenELEC has been released.

openelec_logoIn case you don’t already know, #OpenELEC is an embedded OS based on #Kodi / #XBMC. It works -very well- on Raspeberry Pi’s machines for example.

If you have one of those little machine, this is definately the way to go!

About this specific update, this is no minor one. Indeed, OpenElec now switches from XBMC (v. 13 Gotham), to Kodi (v.14.2 Helix).

Every occurrences of xbmc should have been replaced by kodi. Yes, even in the config files and paths. Ie: linux user now have a “.kodi” folder in their homes (instead of the good old “.xbmc”).If you see any old “xbmc” string somewhere, please report it to the OpenElec team.

Last but not least, enjoy your new mediacenter and do not hesitate to share your experience / tips, or anything  media center related, with us.