Unfortunately I do not own an #amazon Fire TV and cannot write about it myself. However, I decided to share with you a nice article from TVAddons.

It is no secret that as cord cutting gains popularity, companies have been working tirelessly to discover new ways of getting their content onto the biggest screen in your home. What was once limited to advertisements placed within the breaks of your favorite television shows has now become a hardware race. We’re finally seeing a race to provide hardware that helps you ditch your cable and free yourself from those monthly atrocities known as cable bills. There are countless folks in this mindset now, and even more are said to be joining. With the likes of Apple, Roku, and even Google with its teased Android TV, there are big names throwing their weight and services around looking for their piece of the pie. Amazon and their new Fire TV is no exception.

Curated from [Review of the Amazon Fire TV with Kodi](http://www.tvaddons.ag/fire-tv-review/)