As of today, February 19th 2016, Kodi-XBMC will no longer support “builds” (see this link for more information).

If you still want to use Kodi to stream movies and / or TV Shows, remember that this is probably not legal where you live. Be sure to know what you are doing.

However, if you know what you are doing and are ready to assume the consequences, there are viable solution to stream content (still illegally) if you really want to do so. We wrote a a review of the best add-ons to cut the cord, and reviewed some more.

However, we will make sure to write more and more about truly legal content and hope that actors in charge will change their mind and try to make streaming media a really usable solution worldwide!


  1. I am now trying this, exactly as directed, for the fourth time. It has yet to work. At all. Am I missing something?

  2. I get “Unable to connect”, Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?

    Have had this occur every single time I try add file source to my Nexus Player running 6.0.1. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi all, thanks a lot for your feedbacks. It seels that the URL I gave you is no longer valid, this explains why it doesn’t work (no zipfile, unable to connect, etc.).
    I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find a backup URL or another solution.

  4. As of today, December 30th 2015, this guide has been updated in order to match the repository URL and install procedure.

    Do not hesitate to comment if you need any help.

  5. Kodi I am getting an installation error for some reason. Then it’s saying something about Spartan wizard error? What’s that? it goes through the entire process then when I hit restart it gives me that error.

    • Can you give me the exact error? Maybe Kodi can’t “force close”, it happens sometimes. If it is your case, I highly suggest you “kill” Kodi yourself, if you are running Windows, press at the same time on the keys CTRL+ALT+ESC, should pop up the Windows Task Manager, from here, kill the Kodi app. If using Android, you should kill the Kodi App from Settings > Running applications (or something similar). Mac users can also kill app from System monitor.

      If nothing works, you could also re-try from scratch, but be sure to delete all your data as explained at the beginning of the this post.

      Please keep me posted, so that I can try my best to help you.

  6. Having a problem loading onto fire stick, trying install from zip file – click on link and nothing happens. OK with my wired pc. I think there is a problem loading from wireless to the stick.
    I tried to access with my wireless laptop and can’t see any files. Ok with my desktop, see all files and wizard. zip

  7. It worked just fine for me, I had a little problem when it asked for my code. I just put 1234 and by luck it was right! Thanks!

  8. I am trying to load to my Amazon stick I get please sign in here in which I have done online. But it still says authentication failure. Please sign in here http://spartan I am an able to open the link on the stick only from my laptop. I does not ask for a pin . Do I need to download on laptop first then push it?

    • Thanks for your comment Michelle.
      It seems that the Beast is no longer behaving as expected. This might be related to what’s currently going on. Please, consider this tutorial totally out dated and non working. I’ll check it as a soon as tomorrow and post an updated guide.

  9. I have downloaded the beast before but then came home one day to find it had just deleted, came up against the same issue as Laura above where it is asking for me to sign in, which I did do after registering on wizard and verifying my email address. It is still coming up with the same thing

    • Hi all,

      You should no longer use wizards / builds as they modify way too much stuff in Kodi Hence this tutorial about the Beast is no longer supported.

      All the errors you see (asking about a PIN code, registering an account, the fact it was working before and no longer today, etc.) are related to the provider of the Beast (which is not me).

      This is also why you shouldn’t use those build, but instead focus on regular add-ons from trusted (doesn’t mean they are official, nuance) sources (such as SuperRepo or TVAddons).

      I feel obligated to close the comments, since noone seems to care about this deleted tutorial but keeps asking for help on a topic I decided to no longer support.

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